A Candle in the Window

Debra Keirce


A Candle in the Window is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The painting measures  20″  x  13 1/4″ with the  frame measuring  24″ x  17″, frame included.


When I travel, there are moments that stop me in my tracks. This was one of those moments. Coming out of an arched tunnel, this happened. It was midday in reality, but in my mind's eye this is what I saw. Centuries ago, when candles beckoned travelers home, I imagine this is what it looked like. With the cool of the stone at my back, the promise of a roaring fire and the smell of dinner cooking would make me hasten my pace. I'd be careful not to trip on the cobblestones and drop my torch!

Category: Contemporary

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