Best Wishes

Debra Keirce


Best Wishes by Debra Keirce. Oil painting   4″ x  4″ ; frame: 5  3/4″ x  5  3/4″.

Anyone who knows me, knows I paint my life experiences. After almost six decades, I have a lot of them to choose from. This painting is personal, but I think it’s a story that anyone with loved ones can relate to. In my case, we raised three kids through countless birthday parties (the candles) and holidays (the star). Wishing for luck (the ladybug) we rolled the dice many times with each of them. We made decisions supported by a wish and a prayer. We hoped they were the right choices. Now our kids are grown. They’ve left the safety of our bucket and they make their own decisions. ALL we can offer them now are best wishes and prayer. 

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