Debra Keirce


Bull is an original oil painting on board by  Debra Keirce.  The original oil painting on board measures 6″ x 8″ with the  frame measuring  11  1/2″ x  13  1/2″,  frame included.

I walk dogs for a northern Virginia petsitting company, Woofies. I get to see a lot of bulldogs. My parents had a bulldog named Cesar when I was a young adult. Everyone smiles at a bulldog. We can’t help it. They are one of the funniest manmade creatures on the planet. The bulldogs I know are also loving, so when you put them in a studded collar and think about how they were bred to fight, it’s comical. They are lovers, not fighters! Our bulldog would play tug of war for hours. He was persistent at it. He also lived for mealtime. Watching a bulldog eat is like watching Sesame Street where the cookie monster gobbles up everything in sight leaving a monster of a mess in his wake. Say what you will about bulldogs. They are a really entertaining breed!

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