Churn with Orange

Cori Dyson


Churn with Orange is an original oil painting by Cori Dyson. The art measures 8" x 6" and the frame measures 14 1/2" x 12 1/2".


"Simple lines and composition are what I wanted to capture in this orange and churn.

I'm not sure how an orange and a churn relate, but in color, shape, and form they certainly do. That is how an artist looks at things: form over function.

I like painting larger and more complex still life setups where it takes hours and hours over multiple sessions to complete, but I also like these small paintings I complete in an hour. These smaller paintings have a vitality and life that my longer and larger paintings don't have. 

I like both types of my paintings, but I must admit I'm more drawn to these simpler and looser paintings."

-Cori Dyson

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