Daffodils in a Vintage Whiskey Mug

Cori Dyson


Daffodils in a Vintage Whiskey Mug is an original oil painting by Cori Dyson. The art measures 10" x 8" and the frame measures 17" x 15 1/2".

"Daffodils are my favorite flowers since childhood. These aren't the exact same variety that grew in my grandmother's yard as I was growing up, but I find them charming none the less.

I found this old jug in a flea market and I was drawn to it's imperfections and dings along the way giving it character. This was one of the first items I purchased as a prop for my still life paintings. For the long time, I didn't know what type of jug it was. Now that I have more flea market finding experience, I've since learned it is most likely an old whiskey jug. This jug is typical of the whiskey jugs in that the handle was made from a separate piece of clay and added to the jug before firing. It's not apparent in the painting, but the handle is imperfect and is not expertly formed or attached. Was this made by someone learning the trade?

It is also a bit smaller than most whiskey jugs I've seen. It fits perfectly in many of my set ups and makes a great addition to many paintings. I've enjoyed painting daffodils in this whiskey jug for several years now. One reason is it still holds water and I can easily put water and several daffodils in it to paint them. Daffodils already last such a short time, that I want to maximize the amount of time I have to paint them as much as possible."

-Cori Dyson

Category: Floral, Still Life

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