Elizabeth II

Debra Keirce


Elizabeth II is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The art measures 7″ x 5"  the  frame measuring  9 1/2" x 7 1/2".


The Elizabeth II at Festival Park in Roanoke, NC was built in 1983, after Thomas Cavendish's 1583 Elizabeth. The original ship was part of the Sir Walter Raleigh's exhibition to Roanoke Island. In 1585, it arrived in The Outer Banks with 6 other English vessels, and the first English settlement in North Carolina began.

 Today, the Elizabeth II travels along the OBX and to other North Carolina destinations. It's the state's only moving historic site. 

 The ship is 69 feet long and 17 feet wide. It is made of hand hewn juniper timbers, draws 8 feet of water, and is held together with 7,000 wood pegs made from locust trees. 16 people crossed the Atlantic in each of these boats, for a total of 110 colonists. Can you imagine sailing for weeks with 16 of your new neighbors, on a 1,173 square foot boat?

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