End of the Line

David Hunter


Edition of 100 & 10 a/p; water colored etching is 4 1/4″ x 10″; signed, titled and numbered in pencil. Unframed.

The inspiration for this was from an idea for a themed art show entitled “Lost Footprint.”
The idea is to portray things that you used to see all the time but don’t anymore.  His initial response to the show director was “Oh, you mean like a telephone booth.” She responded “Yeah…like that!”  He couldn’t see portraying a telephone booth (the modern version is going into a restroom to use a cell phone) but noticed the caboose on a vintage steam train that runs through downtown Mount Dora, FL.  You don’t see a caboose bringing up the rear on modern freight trains anymore. So…the idea is to portray an abandoned caboose.

Category: Etchings, Landscape

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