Banker Ponies

Denise Horne-Kaplan


Banker Ponies is an original watercolor painting by  Denise Horne-Kaplan.  The art measures 5″ x  7″ with the  frame measuring  10 1/2″ x  12 1/2″,  frame included.


The 400 or so wild horses of the Outer Banks are fondly referred to as "Banker" horses or Ponies. The Bankers are feral herds but actually they are descendants of domesticated horses that were brought to the area around the 1500's by Spanish ships. Some were left behind with assorted livestock on purpose or to lighten the load of the ships setting sail for their return trips, while some ships crashed at sea and the livestock were able to swim to shore. Bankers are small, hardy and gentle tempered horses. To keep the herds healthy, reducing their numbers occasionally is necessary, Bankers have been taken from the wild and successfully domesticated some are even used as mounted patrol horses. The wild horses of the Outer Banks reside in Currituck Banks, Carola, Ocracoke Island, Shackleford and Rachel Carson Estuarine Sanctuary. 
My reference photo I used here was taken during a visit 2-3 years ago, I was fortunate to see a brand new colt standing with his Mom. 

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