I Love Pirates

Debra Keirce


I Love Pirates is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The art measures 14″ x 11″ with the  frame measuring  16″ x  13″,  frame included.


Edward Thatch (or Edward Teach by some accounts) aka Blackbeard tied smoldering fuses in his beard to give off smoke and scare his victims.

 He was a privateer for the British during Queen Anne's war with Spain. Then, from 1717 to mid 1718 he made his fortune as a pirate along the coast of North America and down into the Caribbean.  In mid-1718 Blackbeard intentionally ran his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, into a sandbar, destroying it. He went with some 20 men to see Charles Eden, the Governor of  North Carolina and accepted a pardon. For awhile, Blackbeard lived there as a retiree. But then he approached Eden, with a plan to resume pirating and share the loot in exchange for protection. That is exactly what he did until his fatal day, November 22, 1718 when Virginia Governor Alexander Spotswood sent British naval Lieutenant Robert Maynard, track down Blackbeard off the coast of  Ocracoke Island.

 Blackbeard's ship, The Adventure, had cannon and Maynard had to approach in a sloop. But he outwitted the pirate by going under deck after the first cannon volley. Seeing that the decks were clear, Blackbeard thought that his cannons had done their job, and he boarded Maynard's vessel along with his crew, to commence the looting. As soon as Blackbeard was aboard, the pilot signaled Maynard. Maynard and 12 of his men rushed to the main deck, catching the pirates off guard. During the six-minute sword and gun fight that followed, Blackbeard was killed and his men were all wounded. Maynard boarded the Adventure and in the end, all of the pirates who resisted were killed.

 So, Blackbeard's life ended in a battle worthy of a Hollywood film, as unforgettable as the life he lived.

Category: People, Realism

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