Jet Lag

Debra Keirce


Jet Lag  is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The original oil painting measures 4″  x  6″ with the  frame measuring  7 1/2″ x  5 1/2″, frame included.

Can you guess at why I titled this piece “Jet Lag?” Spoiler alert … I will tell you. Robins lay their eggs in the spring. Leaves change color in the autumn. The two aren’t supposed to happen together. Sometimes I get a feeling of jet lag, like things are happening out of synch and just don’t make sense. It’s not always obvious why that happens. But eventually the reason becomes clear. We humans have this comfort zone where certain things happen on time. It’s the foundation everything else we experience is built on. When things get jet lagged, it can be unsettling. But more often it’s funny.

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