Age & Beauty

Debra Keirce


Age & Beauty is an original oil painting by Debra Keirce.  The art measures 5″ x 5" with the frame measuring  7 3/4" x  7 3/4", frame included.


It is absolutely possible to be aged and beautiful. Nature shows us examples of this all the time. Give me a rusty old ship to paint over a freshly painted one any day. My husband may not agree, but I feel every wrinkle, grey hair and flabby part of my body tells an amazing story of over six decades. I feel more beautiful with them.

 The same is true of pets, I think. The fish in my son's tank are more beautiful and interesting to me the older they get. The spots on this beautiful fish have changed over the years. He has survived ich, the tank losing power, aggressive tank mates, and all sorts of experiences that seem like a big deal when your whole world is only three cubic feet of space.

 Shout out for all the older people, places and things on our planet, and for the thoughts that acknowledge how beautiful age has made them!

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