Home Alone

Debra Keirce


Home Alone is an oil painting by Debra Keirce (Virginia). The art measures 4" x 3" and the frame is 5" x 4".



Eggs and nests are some of my favorite subjects to paint, because they are symbolic for so many things. Do you think of parenthood, youth, hope, fragility, life, home comforts? What story comes to mind when you see a nest of eggs with no mama bird? Is she out looking for food? How soon will the eggs hatch? Will all of the chicks survive?

 I love allegorical still life works, and that's probably why the golden age artists of the early 1600's are so interesting to me. Stories evoke emotion, and everyone can relate to them. For me, fine art is best when the image feels like an experience to the viewer. And miniature art is an experience in itself. You are invited to hold it in your palm, lean in for a closer look, and put it in your pocket for safe keeping.

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