Morning Reflections

Debra Keirce


Morning Reflections is an original oil painting by Debra Keirce. The art measures 9" x 11" and the frame is 11" x 13", frame included.

I was in Kyoto, Japan one morning, visiting shrines. On a busy sidewalk there was a path that led to a courtyard for retail and office buildings, or maybe it was another temple or shrine. Sometimes it's hard to tell there where one property ends and another begins. But I came upon this swan in a pond, regarding its own reflection. It was a peaceful scene in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, in one of the oldest and most populated cities. 

I had to stop and reflect too. You see, I had skipped my morning introspection that day, trying to fit all my tourist stops into 24 hours. This swan was a gentle reminder. Japan has a lot of those for me when I visit.

I hope you can feel the dawn of a new day beginning, hear the soft lapping of the water in the pond, and feel the warmth of the sun seeking you out between tall buildings and trees as you view this artwork.

Category: Animals & Wildlife

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