Spring Chickens

Debra Keirce


Spring Chickens is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The art measures 7″ x 5″ with the  frame measuring  11″ x  9″,  frame included.


Looking down on a group of chickens (who were disappointed because I wasn't feeding them) I kept thinking about Chicken Little. These little animals are so busy and so energetic. They are eating, laying and caring for eggs, eating, figuring out their pecking order, and doing all the things chickens do. Their lives seem pretty simple to us, yet they all move quick and with purpose, as if whatever they are thinking and doing is the most important thing ever. They are focused and yet when you look at the group running around pecking, they seem so haphazard.

 I feel like a chicken so much of the time. I run around in a hurry doing important things, but I'm sure that people watching think I resemble Chicken Little.


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