Mani Pedi Yet Again

Debra Keirce


Mani Pedi Yet Again is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The painting measures 7"  x 5″ with the  frame measuring  12 1/4″ x  10 1/4″, frame included.

I had so much fun painting this piece, I painted it more than once - in different sizes. Below is the commissioned 5 inch square "Mani Pedi Again" painting that is hanging in the bar area of the Langham Hotel in Boston, MA.

And here is the story behind the original composition.

Hand signals can evoke so much emotion, can't they? My son gave me this shoe form for Christmas one year. He knew it would be an excellent still life prop. The articulated hand was a natural pairing. Manicures and pedicures make the humans attached to hands and feet feel attractive and good about themselves. Where I live in northern Virginia, there's a nail salon in every neighborhood. But let's face it. Toenails are pretty gross. And my old lady hands aren't going to ever be used in product shots to sell gel nails. But most artists prefer to paint the aging, wrinkled, been around the block a few times appendages. Give me hands and feet that have lived a lifetime and I will happily spend hours rendering them. There's beauty in the aging and the broken.

Category: Contemporary

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