Pears, Peanuts and a Glass of Wine

Debra Keirce


“Pears, Peanuts and a Glass of Wine” by Debra Keirce
4”x6” Oil on panel
Framed to 7 1/2” x 9 1/2”
Have you ever seen a Chardin painting in person? He’s the reason I bought close range binoculars for visiting museum exhibitions. The guards at the National Gallery of Art are very patient with me, but I made them so nervous, because the Chardin paintings draw you in. He painted in layers of glorious color, and I swear the paintings were never in any danger of being damaged by me. But I can’t look at his works without leaning in and trying to discern all of the beautiful nuances of his greens and yellows and reds. He didn’t use much blue at all, but that was a very expensive pigment. I often wonder how he would paint if he had the blues and purples we have access to today.
It’s hard to choose a favorite Chardin still life, but one of my favorite snacks is pears and peanuts. So there you go. My stomach danced the whole time I was working on this painting, knowing it would get to digest the props after! I used a roemer glass for the wine, as a nod to my heroes, the artists of the Dutch golden age.

INspired by

“Pears, Walnuts and Glass of Wine”

by Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin


Oil on Canvas

Louvre, Paris, France

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