Red Roses

Cori Dyson


Red Roses is an original oil painting by Cori Dyson. The art measures 10" x 8" and the frame measures 15" x 13".


"What do you think of when you see roses? Flowers? Friendship? An apology? A prelude to a date? Love? Beauty? I see something different in roses. 

Roses remind me of women in several ways. The buds are like young children, innocent and precious. The newly opened fires are like young women, strong, unsure of themselves, and similar to other roses. The mature roses remind me of mature women in the prime of their life, full of confidence, and awareness of their uniqueness.

Roses also embody women in another way through strength. Rose bushes are strong, resilient, and tough. Most people think that roses are delicate. Women are soft and gentle. These are often confused with weakness and being 'delicate', but a woman's strength is often because of her softness and gentleness.

Women can bear and nurture children as well as work right alongside men. Roses embody the softness and the strength of women and how women blend the two elegantly."

-Cori Dyson

Category: Floral, Still Life

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