Debra Keirce


Salute is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The painting measures  4″  x  6″ with the  frame measuring  7  1/4″  x 9   1/4″, frame included.

Santa Maria della Salute church is simply called Salute. I think every artist who has ever visited Venice has painted it. It’s that picturesque. I was on a water taxi at sunset when we rode by and the pinks and blues reflecting off the basilica and the water took my breath away. I literally saluted to its beauty. I know that word means something different in Italian, but that is how I felt. I wanted to give respect and pay homage to this architecture that inspired the likes of Francesco Guardi, Titian and John Singer Sargent. There’s something about being in a place that great artists have been, and taking in its smells, sounds, sights, the feel of the breeze. I feel humbled and filled with a compulsion to give it my best shot and try for a greatness in my craft that makes the masters proud. Creating and painting with all the modern tools and supplies I have at my disposal - resources Titian and Guardi couldn’t even dream of - I wanted to capture that feeling of reverance in this tiny miniature painting.

Category: Landscape, Realism

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