Starry Day

Debra Keirce


Starry Day is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The painting measures  2  1/2″  x  4″ with the  frame measuring  4  1/2″  x  6″, frame included.

There is something fun about a double entendre or play on words with a double meaning. For me, that’s where most comedy stems from. So when I saw these starfish on a sunny mantle, they made me laugh. Thinking about how they are stars, same word as those in the night sky, and how they spend their lives in the dark depths of the ocean, I was now looking at them basking in sun that was pouring through a window. Is it just me? Or does the thought of a starry day make you laugh too? Okay. It’s maybe just me and I’m weird. But I hope this painting makes you smile a little.

Category: Realism, Still Life

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