The Mist

Debra Keirce

The Mist is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The original oil painting measures 9″  x 7″ with the  frame measuring  14″ x  12″, frame included.

We all have those tough times when life throws you curveballs you can’t catch, and you are just ducking to avoid being hit by them. I was in one of those times when I painted this piece. During that time I was painting art with a message of hope and joy, even though there wasn’t a lot of it visible in the moment. There is a mist blocking our view of the future through that window. I have a little creature statue that is just sitting on that jewelry box waiting for the mist to clear. We know it will. The candle isn’t burnt down yet. Its flame will burn again. That jewelry box will open and reveal its treasures once more. Those floating spheres I added as a nod to some of my favorite painters of the surrealist movement like Dali and Magritte. But to me they symbolize planets in the universe - seemingly random and floating, but really held in place by organized forces so immense we can only imagine their power and bow in reverence to their plan for us.

Category: Still Life, Surrealism

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