The Wall

Debra Keirce


The Wall  is an original oil painting by Debra Keirce.  The painting measures 1  3/4″  x  3  1/4″ with the  frame measuring  4  1/2″ x 6″, frame included.

I painted this piece before “The Wall” became a phrase in the political zeitgeist. I was visiting Montreal with artist friends. Every day, several times a day, we walked past this wall near where we were staying. After awhile, I started to notice that I looked forward to passing by it and taking in the bright, beautiful colors. Each time I passed, I studied a new shape. The last few days of our trip, I was all smiles when I noticed something about it I’d previously missed. I was struck with how something as simple as a painted wall touches a part of me inside that craves beauty, and makes it smile. What if we all found a wall we could beautify and put more smiles into the world.

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