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Vicki Vitale


A miniature oil painting by contemporary NC artist, Vicki Vitale . It measures 2" x 5" and the modern gold tone wood frame is 4 1/2" x 7 1/2". The artist signed in the lower left corner, frame is covering most of it. Both art and frame are in excellent condition.

Artist Biography:
Vicki Vitale has been a very active member of the New Bern, North Carolina art community for more than a decade. Her miniature creations have been exhibited nationally and internationally. From these renowned exhibits with competing miniature artwork from across the world, she has received awards and international acclaim. Her oil paintings can be found in art collections on different continents.
Vicki also paints non-objective abstract on cradled wood panels. This visual representation of oil/mixed media are enhanced through the use of stenciling and markings. It is open to a wide range of color, texture and arrangement leaving us to visualize non-intended images with our mind rather than our eyes.
She spent most of her earlier life in Buffalo, New York raising her family while working in real estate. In the late 1980’s she began painting after her first drawing classes. Ten years later she was creating exquisite art.
2020 2nd Place People’s Choice Award “Watering Hole at Kruger” Arts Council of Moore County Southern Pines, N.C.
2020 2nd Place Award “Bedroom Next Door-II” in Interior Miniature Art Society of Florida
2019 Levantia White Boardman Memorial Award for Ivorine 2nd place “Dry Docked” The Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington D. C
2018 1st Place Award “My Favorite” in ivorine – The Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society 2nd place Award “Lesedi Warrior“ in Human Figure – Miniature Art Society of Florida
Honorable Mention “B&B Giverny”, Pamlico Arts – Washington, NC
2017 Merit Award Community Council for the Arts – Kinston, NC
Newbie award “Time Out” – Cider Painters of America
1st Place Award “Tides Out” In Marine – The Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society
2015 Work accepted into 6th WFMA – Johannesburg, South Africa
2014 1st Place in Marine “Reflections” – Miniature Art Society of Florida
The Hampton Gallery, Community Council for the Arts Purchased “Bedroom Next Door-I” Permanent Collection
2013 Invited to join Uncommon Ground, 7 local New Bern, NC
2012 Invited to prestigious Miniature Artists of America as a Signature Member
Work accepted into 5th World Federation Miniature Exhibition in Moscow, Russia
2011 Best of Show, “Audrey”, Council Arts Gallery – Chambersburg, Pa
2010 1st Place in Floral and Botanical, “Tryon Trumpets”, MAS of Fl
Award of Merit, El Dorado Fine Art Gallery – Colorado
2009 Honorable Mention Twin Rivers Artist Association – New Bern, NC
2008 Best of Show Small Works Circle 10 Art Gallery – Oriental, NC
Honorable Mention “Summer Fun”, MPS&G 75thAnnual International Exhibit
Work accepted into 4th World Federation International Artist – Burnie, Tasmania, Australia
1st Place in Floral and Botanical, “Sunflower” – Miniature Art Society of Florida
2007 3rd Place Birds & Animals, “The Herd” – Miniature Art Society of Florida
Artist Statement:
I am a miniature artist of objects who also paints non-objective abstract. My miniature art is a very scaled-down version of objects our eyes are familiar with while my abstract creations need to be viewed using the imagination of our mind.
My miniature creations have received awards and acknowledgments at shows domestically and internationally. My brushes with only a few hairs, guided by an optivisor, allow me to create within the boundaries of these tiny pieces. These miniatures portray a peaceful sense of tranquility and cheerful emotion.
My abstracts are a deliberate break-away from anything objective. There are no restrictions during exploration. The stenciling, uses of script, iterations of layering texture, color choices and personal interpretation lead you to self-satisfaction which, solely, determines the completed accomplishment. Yet, some of these abstract pieces unintentionally create objects in this non-objective form of art.

Category: Miniature Art

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