Venetian Canal, Winter Park

David Hunter


Venetian Canal, Winter Park is an etching by David Hunter. It is in an edition of 100 & 10 a/p and measures  4″ x 6″. This piece is signed, titled and numbered in pencil.



The story behind the etching:

           "In the City of Winter Park, FL there is a chain of lakes that are all connected by canals. For years there has been a “Chain of Lakes Tour,” that offers a pontoon boat tour to three of the major lakes in the chain. Earlier this year my daughter, Christy, treated the family to the tour. She and I sat in the very front of the pontoon boat and when we were entering one of the connecting canals, known as “Venice Canal,” she photographed it. A week later she delivered the photograph to me. The etching is based on that photograph with a few exceptions (egrets in flight and some shrubbery) that I added."

Category: Etchings, Landscape

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