Fall is Here! Celebrate With These 7 Beautiful Paintings

October 13, 2017

Fall is Here! Celebrate With These 7 Beautiful Paintings

By Chelsea Reed

The golden glow of autumn trees – it’s a moment that many of us wait for all year. Some even dedicate themselves to trekking across the United States for fall foliage trips. But what if you don’t want to travel, or haven’t got the time? We have you covered! Browse through these gorgeous paintings of fall to celebrate the beauty of the season wherever you are.

1. Autumn Maple Leaf by Beverly Abbott

This classic fall foliage oil painting boasts every ounce of beauty as the real thing. The green natural background is also a nice contrast allowing the warm colors of the maple leaves to be seen in their full splendor.

2. Autumn Blues by Gail MacArgel

Autumn Blues by Gail MacArgelDo you like blue jays with your fall foliage? This painting is for you. Its 4 x 4 inch size means that it’s a miniature painting you can hang anywhere in your home or office. Oil on ivorine makes the colors particularly striking.

3. Autumn in Sedona by Janet Groom Pierce

This fascinating acrylic painting displays all of fall’s vibrant colors without a single deciduous tree. It’s a unique take on the beauty of autumn in the Arizona desert, with no road trips required.

4. Cherokee Morning by Judith Edgington Bayes

Did you know that this breathtaking acrylic painting was in the 26th International Miniature Art Show in 2017? The warm red wooden frame plays off the red tree in the painting. Do you see the speckles in the frame, too?  They provide nice detail against the pebbles in the brook.

5. Autumn Moon by David Hunter

If you were ever curious about autumn in Florida, you can get a good idea of what it looks like in this etching by David Hunter. The full moon seems to have a fall-looking glow itself as it casts its light on the maritime marsh.

6. Autumn Riches by Travis Humphreys

This grand oil painting displays all the magnificence of fall trees and then some. The golden frame is also handmade by the artist and casts an almost royal appearance to the scene. It is truly autumn trees at their finest!

7. Autumn Glow by Rebecca Latham

What if you could see all the beautiful colors of autumn in a wolf? Rebecca Latham does just that in this watercolor painting that captures remarkable realism. The calm personality of this wolf is clearly seen in the detailed features.

At Seaside Art Gallery, you can enjoy the beauty of autumn year-round through the timeless treasures of original art. See a piece that strikes your fancy? Contact Seaside by calling toll free at 800-828-2444, or send an email to info@seasideart.com to claim it as your own. We look forward to servicing you.

Chelsea Reed is a freelance copywriter. She writes articles, blogs, websites and online content from her base in North Carolina.

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