Winners in the 28th International Miniature Art Show

May 25, 2019

Nouveau Tea is a miniature watercolor painting by Lynn Ponto Peterson

Judge’s Awards and Statement - Luann Houser

The hardest thing about selecting awards is leaving an artist or painting out of the awards system when the art is deserving of recognition. The overall stellar quality of the art in the show made selection of the award winners both a challenge and a delight. The selection or non-selection sometimes became a matter of carefully considering all parameters of the specific requirements of the Miniature Art genre. (I.e., size, dimensions, attention to detail, fine craftsmanship & framing). If you are an award winner, Congratulations! The competition was fierce and the award is well-deserved. If you are not, Congratulations again, the competition was fierce and you find yourself in good standing with excellent company! Thank you all for sharing your passion for art, and for your inspirational talent. We talked for hours after the judging about the pieces, especially some that were not awarded, because of the difficulty in choosing. I believe I am carrying a piece of your passion in my memory, which after all, is a lofty goal for artists of all styles and genres.

1st Place

Lynn Ponto Peterson – “Nouveau Tea

Nouveau Tea is a miniature watercolor painting by Lynn Ponto PetersonLynn, I was enamored with both of your paintings from the first time I walked in and browsed the show. It was difficult to decide between the two. Your delicate brushwork, composition and attention to detail in your painting is flawless. The shimmer of light bouncing off the silver draws you in, but the composition and lovely lace and drapery invites you to stay and enjoy, finding more treasures in the detail. Your art is a joy to behold.

2nd Place

Paul Eaton – “Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer is a miniature sculpture of bronze and sterling silver by Paul EatonI love the combination of metals, and the thought used in how to integrate them into the piece. The interaction of the warmth of the bronze and coolness of the shimmering silver kept me coming back to study again and again, seeing more detail, noticing more of the play of light and air. The gracefulness of the stem and the leaves, and the way they are positioned to balance precariously is masterful. One thing I love to see in sculptural forms is the ability to see grace and motion when you move around the piece. The light shimmers and bounces, as if the leaves are gently moving in a breeze. The little bird is a “found” treasure, as birds in nature are, ready to take flight in a blink of an eye. Your sculpture delighted me and sings to my heart.

3rd Place

Markissia Touliatos – “Lady with Cockatiel

Lady with Cockatiel is a miniature oil painting by Markissia TouliatosI was instantly drawn to the luminosity of the flesh tones in both of your paintings. Everything about your design, composition, color, brushwork, and anatomy hold up to close inspection. It was very, very difficult to choose between this painting and the painting with the musician and bouzouki. Both tell wonderful stories, and the paintings are a pleasure to spend time in and around. Your execution is flawless. Your paintings mesmerize me with the stories they have to tell and your skill and masterful touch.

Best Opaque Watercolor

Rachelle Siegrist – “Still Life with Granny’s Pheasant II

Still Life with Granny's Pheasant II is a miniature watercolor painting by Rachelle SiegristThe quality of the warm, glowing light and delicate balance of colors were what first drew me to this still life. The design and composition are elegant, and the execution is perfect. The lovely placement of the elements lend a classic feel.

Best Transparent Watercolor 

Denise Horne-Kaplan – “You Don’t Say

You Don't Say is a miniature watercolor painting by Denise Horne-KaplanThe placement of the ponies and interaction of all of the characters could be a difficult thing to control, but the use of design and light has been wonderfully executed to tell the story in this playful piece. Brushwork, color and light are all used to lead your eye about, letting you explore the magnificent detail in the fluffy manes. Delightfully playful concept, with precise and thoughtful execution.

Best Oil

Johannes Landman – “Clay Art

Clay Art is a miniature oil painting by Johannes LandmanThe luminosity of the little girl’s skin, and the reflected light on her chin and delicate features are masterfully executed. The composition and tiny, perfect line and design are what first attracted me, and the detail and luminosity brought me back again and again. Her ringlets are perfect, and her concentration on her work is so evident. Lovely painting.

Best Acrylic

Linda Rossin – “Spring Arrival

Spring Arrival is a miniature oil painting by Linda RossinThe brilliant, pure colors were the first thing that drew me to this painting. On further inspection, and getting closer and closer with the magnifying glass, I was entranced with the three dimensional quality of the leaves and flowers against the rich blue sky. The balance of color & hue, juxtaposition of color and contrast, all are woven together to make this painting so intriguing.

Best Pastel

Dan Lednicer – “Towpath in July

Towpath in July is a miniature pastel drawing by Dan LednicerThe lovely light dancing off the shapes of trees makes the design of this pastel piece wonderful to experience. The use of different temperatures of the greens invites your eye in, and flows through the composition.

Best Etch/Eng/Etc

David Hunter – “Asher

Asher is an etching by David HunterThe dimensional aspect of the etching is simply amazing. With closer and closer inspection, I realized how much the texture and 3-D quality make this tiny piece so intriguing. Masterful use of the medium.

Best Drawing

Sue deLearie Adair – “Stones for a Nest

Stones for a Nest is a miniature pencil drawing by Sue deLearie AdairI loved each of Sue’s drawings, for differing reasons. All invited closer inspection. I chose this one for Best Drawing, because of the depth and design of the stones, the soft focus behind the bird, and the positioning of the bird in the bed of stones is perfect. The detail is absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic control of the medium.

Best Sculpture/Metal

Joy Beckner – “Cozy

Cozy is a miniature bronze sculpture of dachshund dogs by Joy BecknerI love the intimate interaction of the two little dogs. One of the things I love to see in bronze is the ability of the artist to create movement and graceful flow of design. This use of the natural form of the dachshunds to accomplish this movement is wonderfully done, but the warmth of the contact is lovely to behold.

Best Sculpture/Other

Liat Polotsky – “The Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a miniature work of art by Liat PolotskyIt is impossible to fully appreciate this piece other than in person. The innovative use of material, and consideration of all aspects of art to construct this tiny installation overall is what continued to draw me to the piece, and to award this intriguing display. An ingenious use of space and perception.

Best Mixed/Enc/Collage

Linda Trope – “Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract is a miniature mixed media work of art by Linda TropeThe design and execution of this playful painting were what first attracted me. On closer inspection, I see the beautifully and perfectly aligned alternating linear gray and silver lines in the background, and how they interact with the design of the figures is very well done. I love the use of design in this piece to lead you around the image to the full story.

Best Abstract

Clifford Baily – “Raven

Raven is a miniature abstract oil painting by Clifford BaileyThe haunting presence in this painting is what first attracted me, and has stayed with me long after I left the show. The painting transcends reality, as abstract and speculative art should, with its use of dramatic color and light and encourages the viewer to further contemplation of its meaning. Wonderful concept, beautiful message, fabulous use of design, color, brushwork and contrast.

People’s Choice


Karla Mann – “I Could Be a Prince

I Could be a Prince is a miniature oil painting of a frog by Karla MannThis painting was chosen by vote from collectors and artists that have visited the gallery from May 4 to May 24. There were 127 votes cast during this time. Congratulation to the artist for receiving the most votes.

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