About The Artist

Art by Alexander CalderAlexander Calder, 1898 – 1976. A prominent American sculptor known for Mobiles and Stabiles. He worked every medium from painting to printmaking to jewelry and commercial design. His work in kinetic sculpture can be found in museums and public spaces throughout the world. Calder’s art is a reflection of his rich, benevolent character and his devotion to the splendor of the world around us.

He earned a mechanical engineering degree from the Stevens Institute of Technology. Then attended Art Students League studying oil paintings and humorous drawings of sporting events for the “National Police Gazette.” He lived in Paris doing wire sculpture. Artist Piet Mondrian influenced his geometric, non-objective constructions. His floor pieces, or “stabiles” were exhibited named “mobile” for the hanging, kinetic pieces. Calder created many wind-driven works. Calder returned to America with his mobiles. His works are in most major American museums.

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