About The Artist

Art by Bernard BuffetBernard Buffet,1928-1999. He was born in Paris where he studied drawing and painting, attending the School of Beaux-Arts. He painted more than 8000 works over 50 years: landscapes, portraits, circus and religious scenes, nudes, still lifes or city views. He also worked as an illustrator.

He exhibited his works in Paris. By the 1950’s he was hailed as the best post-war French painter. He exhibited throughout the world: London, New-York, Chicago, Palm Beach, Montreal, Rome, Venice, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bale, Geneva, Berlin, Tokyo, Warsaw and Johannesburg.

He’s considered pure genius and a master. His paintings are in the most famous museums around the world. The Surugadaira Museum in Japan displays 1,000 of his works. In 1961, he painted a series of paintings depicting the life of Jesus Christ. At the request of Pope Paul VI, he offered these paintings to the Vatican Museum for permanent exhibition.

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