About The Artist

Artist Cathy KuzmaCathy Kuzma lives in the Snow Mountains of Montana, where she enjoys her pets, gardening and wildlife. Known for her limited-edition bronze sculptures, she masterfully uses clay to translate the drama and interaction of man and animal into bronze life, expressing courage, humor, or play.

“My work is the expression of a lifelong love for animals, from a child fascinated with encyclopedia photos of horses, to studies in Animal Science and my own ever-present mélange of critters,” says Kuzma. “You see, the horses, the sculpture, the written word – all are permanently intertwined expressions of God’s blessings,” she reflects. “It is on that level that I hope they will impact the viewer’s soul.”

Kuzma also creates logo designs, block prints, and small edition commissioned pieces for awards and presentations. Since she does most of her own casting process, she can customize for patrons. 

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