About The Artist

Currier & IvesCurrier & Ives was a New York firm, 1857 -1907. The lithographs produced by this firm are usually referred to as “Currier & Ives”. Nathaniel Currier was a lithographer, and James Ives was his bookkeeper and partner. Currier & Ives pictures were drawn and lithographed by others and published by the partners.

The “Printmakers to the People”, provided pictorial history of America’s growth from an agricultural society to an industrialized one. Subjects: hunting, fishing, whaling, views of cities, rural scenes, historical, clipper ships, yachts, steamboats, Mississippi River scenes, Hudson River scenes, railroads, religion, comics, gold mining, western scenes, advertising, sentimental, foreign views, trotting, temperance, winter scenes, portraits, and flower and fruit still lifes. The average Currier & Ives is now about 145 years old. They have been reproduced on Christmas decorations, cards, plates, calendars, place mats and more.

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