About The Artist

Artist Denise RomeckiDenise Romecki resides in Columbus, Ohio. She received a BFA from Ohio State University and exhibits her work since 1978. She participates in national and international exhibitions, winning many awards. Romecki teaches ceramics and sculpture at the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The realism in her work is inspired by animals in zoological reserves. Her ceramic sculptures reflect the shapes and textures that are sometimes serious and sometimes whimsical. Her waves are each created by hand with wet stoneware clay. She stretches and forms it while it’s soft. As it slowly dries she refines its shape by carving. The white frothy part is made with wet porcelain clay, brushed on gradually building up the texture. The clay dries completely then is fired in a kiln. The color glazes are applied, and it’s fired again.

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