About The Artist

Art by Frederic Sackrider RemingtonFrederic Sackrider Remington, 1861-1909. His school notebooks were full of sketches, depicting Old West characters. He was an excellent rider, encouraged by his father who was a cavalry officer during the Civil War. Enrolled in a military school, he also took art classes at Yale University. He decided to make a living as an artist.

He traveled West, working as a cowboy, ranch hand, and lumberjack. He sent illustrations to “Outing Magazine,” “Harper’s Weekly” and “Scribners.” He illustrated articles by Theodore Roosevelt for “Century Magazine” and for Frances Parkman’s novel, “Oregon Trail.” He became a close friend of William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody.

He got regular commissions and by 1887 was supporting himself very well. He bought a mansion in New Rochelle, and stocked it with his collection of western artifacts. He began working in bronze and his first sculpture, “Bronco Buster”, won instant acclaim.

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