About The Artist

Art by Joan MiroJoan Miró, 1893 – 1983. He studied at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts and Academia Galí. His works reflect the influence of different trends, like the pure and brilliant colors used in Fauvism, shapes taken from Cubism, influences from folkloric Catalan art and Roman frescos from the churches.

Miró produced highly generalized, ethereal works in which his organic forms and figures are reduced to abstract spots, lines, and bursts of colors. He experimented in other media, devoting himself to etchings and lithographs, and also working in watercolor, pastel, collage, paint on copper and masonite.

His ceramic sculptures are especially notable, in particular his two large ceramic murals for the UNESCO building in Paris (Wall of the Moon and Wall of the Sun, 1957-59). The Joan Miró Foundation Center of Contemporary Art Study is in Barcelona. He was named Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Barcelona.

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