About The Artist

Artist Karin SchaefersKarin Schaefers, born 1942 in Berlin. Schaefers studied painting and sculpture in Europe and the United States. Her frequent travels to Europe and across the USA and her skills as a photographer, coupled with her sketching abilities, have provided her with an unending source of subject matter for future projects.

She is adept at many artistic forms and considered to be at the top of her profession in painting with oils, acrylics, watercolors and pastels. Karin’s subjects consist mostly of mothers with children, young boys and girls. Her settings frequently depict seasides, beautiful flowering gardens and pastoral scenes. There are also nudes and ballet dancers. She describes her paintings as “Usually very romantic, in the old fashioned sense”. The greatest influence on her style has come from the French and American Impressionists. Karin's art is collected throughout the United States and Europe.

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