About The Artist

Artist Liat PolotskyLiat Polotsky, born 1942. She’s an Israeli artist, born in Jerusalem and eighth generation in Israel. She lives and works in Jerusalem. She paints using several techniques: watercolors, oil on canvas and etchings. Polotsky draws inspiration from the dazzling Israeli white light; her watercolors are built around white spaces which create a source of light and are surrounded by ample layers of lucent colors. In her oil paintings, there is often a white patch acting as a source of light from which the painting emerges.

The themes are drawn from the landscape surrounding her, which is transformed into something new, and from her Israeli-Jewish roots together with the Western civilization which she has absorbed throughout her life. Her miniature paintings often depict familiar landscape views in Jerusalem. Her works are exhibited in Israel, United States, France, Holland, United Kingdom, Rumania, Canada and Australia. Memberships: Israeli Miniature Art Society.

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