About The Artist

Art by Louis IcartLouis Icart, 1888-1950. A self-taught French artist, considered the master of “boudoir art” named as being a little too risqué to display anywhere other than the bedroom. His art is a tribute to the beauty and gracefulness of the female form.

He hand-colored French beauties for a postcard company, and later became a fashion illustrator. He met his inspiration, Fanny, and they married. During World War I, Icart fought as an infantryman and Fanny promoted and sold his etchings. Icart’s art was well received in France and USA.

They lived in the countryside of Paris and raised one daughter. He worked mainly in etching with a combination of drypoint and aquatint on copper plate. His beautiful wife was the model for the majority of his etchings. World War II halted the sale of his etchings and copper was difficult to obtain.

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