About The Artist

Royal DuxThe Duxer Porzellan Manufactur was established by E. Eichler in 1860. Located in what is now Duchcov, Czechoslovakia, the area was known as Dux, Bohemia, until WWI. The war brought about changes both in the style of the ware as well as the mark. Prewar pieces were modeled in the Art Nouveau or Greek Classical manner and marked with “Bohemia” and a pink triangle containing the letter “E”. They were usually matt glazed in green, brown and gold. Better pieces were usually made in porcelain, while larger items were of pottery.

After the war the ware was marked with a small pink triangle but without the Bohemia designation: “Made in Czechoslovakia” was added. The style became Art Deco with cobalt blue a dominant color. Description from Schroeder’s Antiques Price Guide.

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