About The Artist

The Soyer Family, circa 1912. Three brothers, Moses, Raphael and Isaac Soyer, were known as an American family of painters of Russian origin who came to the United States in 1912 looking for intellectual and religious freedom. Moses Soyer (1899 – 1974), and his twin brother, Raphael Soyer (1899 – 1987), and their brother Isaac Soyer (1902 – 1981), were raised in an intellectual atmosphere created by their father, a Hebrew scholar. They studied painting in New York at Cooper Union, National Academy of Design, and Educational Alliance Art School, and were art teachers. They were in the ‘Fourteenth Street School’ in Greenwich Village, New York during the 1920’s. They depicted everyday life of their family’s middle-class Jewish life in America, the art scene in New York, the working class, and urban society. Their works included paintings in watercolors, lithographs and book illustrations.

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