About The Artist

Art by Stephan WhittleStephan Whittle, 1953 – 2000. Born in England, Whittle studied etching at Chelsea School of Art and Brighton College of Art. He worked as an artist, teacher and graphic designer in Switzerland and England, exhibiting in galleries in Great Britain.

His view of nature as a place of harmony and balance was expressed in his early etchings. His sense of color and rhythmic, flowing composition creates remarkable miniature worlds on copper plates. Working with publishers such as London Contemporary Art and CCA Galleries, his florals and landscape scenes gained popularity in Japan, Australia and North America. He exhibited at art shows in Tokyo, New York, Paris and Frankfurt.

Whittle moved to America with his wife and two children. His used brighter colors and larger pieces, and developed a method of embossing designs around the border of the etched images. He etched a series depicting vineyards and wine related themes.

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