About The Artist

Artist William CruteWilliam Crute began drawing and painting in the 1st grade, where he created murals for upcoming holidays and renderings of historical events in the school halls. He majored in English Literature and continued exploring art. In the 1970’s Crute married and with children, he committed to a full-time job and career. He painted and participated in sidewalk art shows and juried exhibitions. The high point for Crute was having one of his paintings selected for a major award by the internationally famous artist Kenneth Noland and Robert Doty, Director of the Whitney Museum.

In 1980 Crute opened a gallery and an art publishing business. As an artist Crute depended mostly on his galleries to show and sell his work, but he also participated in the New York and Los Angeles Art Expos. Today, Crute creates art on a full-time basis and his art is in galleries throughout the country.

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