5 Pieces of Art that Will Warm Your Heart and Honor Dad

June 14, 2017

5 Pieces of Art that Will Warm Your Heart and Honor Dad

By Chelsea Reed

Dads, stepdads, grandfathers, and father figures – they’re all important people who have guided us in our lives. They’ve helped us tie our shoes, taught us how to play sports, and showed us how to succeed in the world by thinking for ourselves. With Father’s Day right around the corner, let’s take a moment to celebrate them through the eyes of prominent artists. And some of the following pieces are in Seaside Art Gallery! Can you tell which ones?

1. A Daddy’s Little Boy by Anita Boyers

Did you know that this sweet watercolor painting is a miniature? Sized at 2½ by 3¼ inches, this little beauty captures an intimate moment at home with a father and his young son. Boyers’ choice of blue is perfect for the serene setting in this memorable slice of life.

2. The Prodigal’s Son by Rembrandt

Rembrandt’s famous painting The Return of the Prodigal Son is a moving picture about family forgiveness. No matter what his son decides to do, his loving father will always be there with open arms, ready for him to come home. Note how Rembrandt used his signature technique of light and shadow to create a dramatic effect for the visual story.

3. Pals by Jeffrey H. Craven

This miniature watercolor painting is filled with intricate details that gracefully capture a moment from a heartwarming fishing trip. Children, fathers, grandfathers, stepdads, and any other father figure can appreciate the bond that these two individuals share in the painting.

4. To Hold a Dream by David Hunter

An original etching by award-winning artist David Hunter, this piece showcases the wonder of first-time parenthood. The fine detailed etching reveals the eye-catching contrast of the dark inks beautifully in this piece.

5. Breaking Home Ties by Norman Rockwell

An important stage in family life is featured in this painting by the famous American artist Norman Rockwell. Rockwell’s techniques bring out the emotions felt in the subjects during this defining moment through body language and facial expressions. The father’s child, now an adolescent, readies himself for his new chapter in life. The father is concerned for his son’s future but is also proud that he has become a fine young man. Nonetheless, it is clear that this family will miss each other in their parting. Even the dog looks like it’s going to miss him!

How will You Celebrate Father’s Day?

Whether you plan on spending the day at the beach, going to a barbeque, or fishing with your loved ones, we hope that you enjoy some quality time honoring Dads during this special time. Planning on gifting a father with a unique choice? You can contact us at Seaside Art Gallery and we’ll gladly help you find that special piece. Happy Father’s Day!

Chelsea Reed is a freelance copywriter and blogger. She writes articles, blogs, ebooks, websites, and marketing content.

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