These 7 Splendid Lighthouse Art Pieces are Wonderful Decorations

August 21, 2017

These 7 Splendid Lighthouse Art Pieces are Wonderful Decorations

By Chelsea Reed

While home design trends come and go over the years, lighthouse themes continue to be a golden classic. These important public safety structures in American history are time-honored cultural landmarks that also happen to look very attractive as decorations in coastal homes. What better way to bring a piece of the Outer Banks, the “land of the lighthouses,” to your home than with lighthouse artwork? Seven of many excellent contemporary choices are below:

1. Ocracoke Island Lighthouse by Connie Cruise

Ocracoke Island Lighthouse by Connie CruiseThis original colored pencil drawing by local artist Connie Cruise is an accurate capture of the ‘charming beach cottage’ feel. Its dark ebony frame is also a smart contrast in a kitchen or bedroom with wooden accents.

2. Bald Head Light by David Hunter

Did you know that this modern piece is a hand-pressed etching made in the same way as the 16thcentury masters? The simple scene and 4-inch square size also makes it a nice addition to display in a vacation home rental.

3. Guiding Light by Pat Williams

With brush strokes inspired by Vincent Van Gough, this bold acrylic painting by Pat Williams of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is a wonderful pop of color for a living room, bedroom or den. Gold, orange, grey, and white home color palates are ideal matches.

4. Shelter from the Storm by Wes Siegrist

 This stunning miniature watercolor by Wes Siegrist is a beauty for enthusiasts of detail. Rooms with cool toned palates will help focus on the story that this piece tells.

5. Through the Trees by Libby Eckert

Lighthouse decorations are known for their chic personality, and Through the Trees is no exception. Libby Eckert expresses the classic Currituck Lighthouse as a friendly landmark known and loved by many. Its rustic wood frame pairs well with neutral or warm-shaded rooms and hallways.

6. Hatteras Light by Chester Martin

 Why settle for one artwork when you can have three? That’s what you’ll find in this creative piece by Chester Martin. The acrylic three-in-one painting set is a unique representation of the famous Cape Hatteras Light that will look great in many spaces from a hallway or office nook to even a bathroom.

7. Cape Fear Moon by David Hunter

 This color etching of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse by David Hunter adds a tasteful touch of drama to typical coastal-themed décor. It’s a valuable backdrop for nautical accessories with texture such as mirrors and curtain tiebacks made from rope or twine.

Lighthouse artwork is today’s home décor trend that continues to have staying power for many homeowners who love the Outer Banks’ shores near and far. For more lighthouse design ideas inside the home, why not get inspired at Seaside Art Gallery? Dream for your next interior home project while visiting the gallery or browsing through Seaside Art Gallery’s original art collection online. What inspires you to create in your home? Feel free to share it with our staff!

Chelsea Reed is a freelance copywriter. She writes articles, blogs, websites and online content from her base in North Carolina.

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