What is Encaustic Paint?

April 19, 2018

Meteor Showers is an encaustic painting by Wilma Lopez

Pharaohs ruled Egypt when encaustic painting was first used. This ancient paint has waxed and waned in use over the centuries, but was made popular again by such 20th century artists as Jasper Johns and Diego Rivera.

Highland Valley is a miniature encaustic painting by Wilma LopezThis ancient painting technique binds colored pigments with beeswax.  The wax must be heated and while it is in its liquid state manipulated across a surface to create the image.  

Artists use a variety of tools when working with encaustic paint. Some of them are electric irons, hotplates, heated stylus, hot air gun and brushes.  The paint can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as board, canvas, special papers and pottery.

Once the wax hardens, it is very durable.  Archeologist have been amazed at the brightness and clarity that the colors maintain over time. 

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